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PJ 76

Mike Riley from Riley’s Cycles of Sherborne was lucky enough to be offered the chance to buy another Stan Pike. He told me…

I bought this Stan Pike today from a gent in Highcliffe. I also have suitable parts to return it to a derailleur setup. It is a 20″ in frame and seems in good condition. Unfortunately too small for me but I could not resist it.

I contacted Stan’s son and he said…

This one was built in 1982 for a John Pickering using Reynolds 531 plain gauge tubing. It’s a 20 & 1/2″ frame with 14 & 3/8 wheel clearance.

p1010343 p1010338 p1010337 p1010334 p1010335

Mike has now sold the bike to John Barnfield who intends to restore it to its former glory with a respray by Argos Cycles. Stan’s son was kind enough to supply me with original ‘Pike of Crewkerne’ decals which  I have passed on to John.

Update April 2018. Unfortunately, due to ill health, John is no longer able to ride his bikes, so he has sold  PJ 76 to Philip Clive. Philip joined us on the 2018 Stan Pike Ride. although not on a Stan Pike. John tells me that, “Philip is a proper Pike/bike fan and plans to alter a few thinks maybe to make it more period correct, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.”

Update May 2018. Philip Clive, the new owner of PJ 76, send me new photographs (below) and said, “I have completed the ‘tune up’ of PJ76, to try and bring the components more or less in line with the age of the frame (1982), I hope that you approve. Photos attached from todays’ shakedown ride. I hope to take it to Eroica Brittania and Anjou Vintage Velo in this set up.”


SP 7864

Here is Barry Dobson’s Stan Pike, renovated by Chris Davey, who is based just south of Bristol.

This cycle, frame number SP 7864, was built in 1978 for Charles Flippance, who in 2012 reluctantly decided that, at age 91, he was unlikely to ride again.

Charles had retained the original spec sheet (shown below) which shows the frame was to be finished in Post Office red.

Stan Pike build sheet

The bike, as it was received from Mr Flippance, is shown below, sporting a Cinelli 1/A stem and 63-40 bars, Tange Headset, Shimano 600 chainset 170mm 42/52, Shimano front mech and levers, Sun Tour VX rear mech, Ofmega hubs, Weinmann concave 27” rims, Weinmann 500 brakes, SP100AL pedals, Milremo seatpost and a Brooks B17 Champion Narrow saddle.


Since this was looking rather tired after 36 years; Argos Cycles of Bristol were commissioned to re-spray in Old Pastel Blue, replicate the original white lug lining and top eyes, and add bottle bosses to the down tube.


In rebuilding Chris is making widespread use of Shimano 600 arabesque hardware (headset, front mech, rear mech, brakes and chainset), some from the original bike and some replacement parts. The seat post needs to be replaced (we found it had been shortened for the previous owner). The saddle appears to be sound, if dry. Chris is building wheels using Shimano 600 hubs on Super Champion 27” rims and Sapim Race spokes.

Updated November 2014. The finished bicycle…

IMG_0130m IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0134 IMG_0136 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 RIMG0032 v1 RIMG0045 v2

Expect to see Chris and Barry riding Stan Pikes at L’Eroica Britannia 2015 in Bakewell!

SP 230652 PG

Paul Goodrich got in touch through the contact form and said…

I knew Stan, his wife Audrey and the children very well having spent many weekends sleeping over at their house at Misterton and helping Stan in his workshop.  I first knew Stan when I was a teenager and Stan was working at Westland Helicopters as a welder.

I believe this photo was taken during the Chippenham Wheelers 25 mile TT in about 1974. This was the first frame that Stan built for me. As I remember it was 531 with fancy curly lugwork which was handcrafted by Stan. It also had round track forks which you don’t often see these days. It was finished in white with a turquoise blue lug lining. Although I wasn’t the fastest rider around I could regularly get into the top 10 of a local TT and occasionally the top 3. On a good day I might even have sneaked a win!

Scan 2

You may be interested to know that I had a hand in designing the original Stan Pike decals. Stan and  I were doodling designs for his decals at work when he latched on to one of my rough designs which eventually became his transfers. The head badges are still the same. Later he reverted to using block capitals for the downtube.

Here’s another photo of me in action aboard a Stan when I was younger stronger and fitter! Taken sometime in the seventies , note the wool shorts lack of helmet and the single 55 tooth chain ring coupled to a 13/18 freewheel. I can’t turn gears of that size now ! The spare tubular is under the saddle. This frame was black with gold lug lining.


Stan built me a couple of frames – one for road and one for time trials. The frame number of the one below is SP 230652 PG. My date of birth is 23/06/52 , so as you can see I’m getting on a bit and now retired from Westlands after 43 years.


This frame was originally silver in its first incarnation and was resprayed blue by Argos Cycles when Arthur Needham was running it.

The frame was silver soldered, the seat cluster wrapover is hollow and the tubing is a mixture of Reynolds 531 Superlight (?) and Columbus.  It’s a mixture of parts – Cinelli 65 bars & 1A stem, Campag Seat Pin with a Turbo saddle, chainset is Shimano 600 53/42,  headset, front changer and brakes are also Shimano 600. Rear gear is a Suntour Superb. Wheels are Campag record 32/32 with Mavic GP4 rims currently shod with Continental Podium tubulars. The freewheel is a Maillard six speed compact on the Campag  5 speed hubs.

P1010283 P1010280

I lent this bike to my neighbour to compete in  triathlons and it has been gathering dust and cobwebs in his shed for the last few years. I am currently in the process of selling it to James Eddiford, who lives near Bridgwater, as I now have more modern bikes.

I knew Terry Manuel from years ago when he lived in Taunton.

I attended Stan’s funeral.

Hoping that the new owner will update me with post-restoration photos. Fingers crossed.