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On a friend’s recommendation, I bought my Stan Pike on eBay in July 2011. At the time I didn’t realise how lucky I had been to win the auction. Subsequent searches on websites and internet forums brought up scant information about Stan Pike, but from what I discovered, he had a reputation as a master frame builder.

After posting a photo of my newly acquired bike on our graphic design company’s blog, I was surprised to see how many people viewed the page after Googling ‘Stan Pike cycles’. Other people were obviously keen to find out more about the man. It therefore seemed a fitting tribute to dedicate a website to Stan, with the aim of gathering as much information about him and his bicycles as possible.

A huge thanks goes to Stan’s son, Steve, whom I contacted when I had the idea for this website. He was happy for me to proceed (‘as long as any information displayed was 100% accurate’)  and supplied me with information and photos that have probably not been available on the internet before. Thanks Steve!

If you have a Stan Pike bicycle you’d like to see featured  on the site, or any information you think might be of interest to others, then please get in touch using the Contact Form.

James Arnold

Please note: None of the images used on this site can be reused without prior permission. 

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