SP 181053

I was contaced in December 2017 by Rob Lane who said…

I have a Stan Pike frame which was made for Roger Lush. The frame number is SP181053. I can send some pictures, but it doesn’t have the original paint work or decals. I bought it off a friend who used to live down that way. I think the original colour was a duck egg blue. I got it resprayed, but didn’t get hold of any decals. I’m thinking of restoring it and I do believe you have some decals for sale on the website. Unfortunately I damaged the seat tube trying to drill out a seatpost that was stuck in it but I’m going to have a word with a local frame builder and see if it can be fixed and what the cost would be.

I sent the photos to Stan’s son who replied…

I do remember this one with the drilled rear ends. I also remember Roger Lush. I don’t have any details on it though from what I can see so would suggest it’s probably pre 1979, but definitely one of ours.

I contacted Brian Lush, Roger’s brother, who was one of the first people to email me when I set up this website. Over the years he has been very helpful in providing photos and information. He said…

Here are some pics Roger gave me of his Stan Pike as he built it. I later bought it from him and had it for training on the road. I then sold both Stan Pikes I owned.

It was a more darker richer blue than duck egg with a white panel in the middle of the seat tube.

The handle bars and stem was Cinelli, wheels Campag large flange on Mavic rims, Regina 5 speed block 13-17, Campag chainset with 54 ring that had the chainring lower bar removed and drilled, Nuova Record rear changer and lever also drilled,  Campag pedals, Weinnman 500 brakes also drilled. We drilled every thing possible including the seat pillar that whistled when cycling fast, this proved a bad idea as when it was raining, the bottom bracket and seat tube filled with water. I still have two Campag seat pillars I drilled out! The drilling looked pretty, but gained little in making the bike lighter.

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