SP 8178

Michael Bannon contacted me and said…

I rode Eroica 2015 with a friend on a 1982 Stan Pike tandem. Unfortunately we only got half way before a catastrophic front wheel failure sent us over the handlebars. I think this was secondary to a blowout, secondary to the front rim getting too hot from braking on one of the long descents. I bought the tandem two years ago in slightly tatty condition, did a service, only to find that the rear seat post was welded to the steel with corrosion. After mechanical methods failed I resorted to the caustic soda approach- which worked but stripped the  paint, so I had it redone with new stickers. The frame was unscathed by the crash and I have had a new front wheel built using a NOS 27″ 48 hole rim on ebay.

Hope to finish Eroica next year – although my stoker might be less than keen – so I could be doing it on a different bike!

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