SP 22964

Barry Smith contacted me and said…

I have looked a couple of times for people with interest in these fantastic machines. I have still got my Stan Pike, but it is laying neglected in the shed. Would you like me to dust it down and take some photos? It has all of the original parts (even the wheels and the slightly unsightly mud guards).

IMG_0325 IMG_0326Spot the Stan Pike – hidden away in Barry’s shed!

I think I actually got the bike on my 16th birthday, when we lived in Yeovil, as I was really into cycling and myself and my mates would go riding every weekend. A lot of them lived out in the villages so I used to start off from Yeovil and meet up on the way round. I remember getting the bike and being really nervous of riding it to school as I didn’t want to get it damaged but luckily it was only admired.

We all talked about joining a club or doing some events but we never did. Soon after finishing school we moved to Bristol and the cycling reduced as the distractions of being an 18-year-old.

The only part that was not on the bike when I got it was the saddle. I remember that was a leather one that after a little while just got more uncomfortable.

BB is stamped Barry Howley Smith – SP 22964


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