SP 58

I was contacted by Anthony Thompson a couple of weeks ago…

I recently bought a Don Farrell frame, which I am about to restore. The bottom bracket and forks are both stamped “SP 58” and “140773”. The bottom bracket also has “SILVER BRAZED”. What I am wondering is whether this is one of the frames which Stan Pike built for Don Farrell. The Reynolds transfer and the way the cable guides are arranged suggest that the frame was built before about 1970. I would be grateful for any help that you could give me on this.

I contacted Stan’s son, who said…

I can confirm the frame was built for Don Farrell in  Jan/Feb 1973. It is silver brazed and is a 23 &1/2″ frame with 14″ wheel clearance. The front fork rake is 1 & 5/8″. Chain stay length 17″ with 23″ top tube length.

I asked Anthony if he had any further information that I could put on the website. He replied…

I’m afraid that I know nothing about it’s history. I bought it from Vintage Bike Cave in Highgate knowing nothing about Don Farrell or his connection to Stan Pike. It was simply very obviously a very well made frame.

I’d be very happy for you to feature it on the website – any information your readers could supply would be gratefully received.

I won’t be restoring it exactly as original – the chrome has rust underneath and will have to be removed and the downtube decals I’ve obtained are white with a blue edge. However, I will try to capture the rather flamboyant  circus big top feel – use the blue and red from the Don Farrell logo and shift the cream background into a definite primrose yellow. Sounds risky, I know, but I think it will work. If not, I’ll start again.

I will share updates from Anthony’s restoration as and when I receive information. 

Don Farrell-14 Don Farrell-13 Don Farrell-11 Don Farrell-10 Don Farrell-9 Don Farrell-8 Don Farrell-7 Don Farrell-6 Don Farrell-5

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