SP 7908

Keith contacted me and said…

In the early 1970s, Stan started making forks for cycle speedway bikes, through Gerry Wallis who rode for Hendon Aces. I think Gerry got to know Stan through Don Farrell who had a shop in Burnt Oak Broadway. With the success of the forks, Stan went on to make custom built cycle speedway frames which we all used very successfully in the 70s. When Gerry retired from cycle speedway he sold me his last Stan Pike frame, cranks, wheels etc. As you can see from the pictures the frame has all the classic Stan Pike workmanship.

I contacted Stan’s son, Steve, and he replied…

Built early 1979 for Gerry Wallis. It’s a small one at 19 3/4″ frame. Built from Durifort tubing (this was a heavier section tube). The top tube is recorded as 21 & 13/16″ length with a 1 & 3/4″ slope to the rear.

After a quick search of the internet, I found these photos of the Hendon Aces

Hendon Aces at Uxbridge Pirates. Gerry Wallis leads Richard Lee, Elfryn Forbes, Bonny Edwards at the rear
The Aces. l-r – Pete Courts, Matt James, Gerry Wallis, Alan Harman (front)

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  1. Think this may be the same Gerry Wallis who turned to time trialling with the Kenton RC and later Verulam CC in the 80s.

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