PJ 181067

A couple of days ago I received an email from Paul Burrows…

I have Stan Pike frame that I bought for my 15th or 16th Birthday, which I think would be about 1982 or 83. It is white and has been on the road in a couple of guises since then. Last major overhaul was about 10 years back when it got a new Tiagra 9 speed groupset, but still running the original centre pull brakes as I couldn’t source new brakes with a big enough drop. Following some cable fails it is actually currently set up with a single speed conversion kit just to see if if that’s a thing I like. I am looking at getting it restored but wondered if you had any recommended restorers and if there is a source of replacement decals? Have some photos if you are interested ina dding it to the gallery, but it has seen better days and could really do with some tlc. Frame No is PJ 181067 which from memory was a custome request as that’s my birthday. Great site by the way.

I asked Paul for photos and any other information about the frame. He replied…

I bought it with savings and some money I got for my birthday in the early 80s, maybe 82/83. Ordered after seeing an add in a weekly cycling mag (don’t recall the title). It was the plain 531 as I couldn’t stretch the the double butted. One of my school friends also bought one around the same time. My brain is telling me that it was a double order but that might be wrong. His was red.

Measure up/sizing was done by my dad – he was a keen cyclist doing track racing out of Paddington Rec in his youth and later rode for the army team during his national service. TBH I think it was optimistically sized for me to grow into. I think it’s a 23” inch frame and as you can probably tell from the saddle position it is really still too big for me, but I am kind of used to it now.

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