PJ 78673

I was contacted by Steve Welch who said…

I have a very late 1983 Stan Pike, that I’m ashamed to report has hardly ever been ridden.There are a few hairline crazed cracks in the paintwork at the base of the forks, but not bad considering it has been hung on the garage wall for the last ten years. At the time of ordering it I was suffering from a running injury and my mate Dave Smith (Somerset Road Club) convinced me to get a Pike and take up cycling. I never did, and still run! On hearing of Stan’s death I was worried I might not get my new frame, but I was lucky.

Dave built the bike for me using bits from my previous crashed bike, so it really was a cheap bike. At the time, fluorescent paint was new and it really did stand out the few times I actually rode it!

I had my phone number in Taunton stamped on the frame (PJ 78673) as well as my name. Is this frame one of Stan’s last? I’d love to know.

I contacted Stan’s son, who replied…

Yes, I have the record for this one, it was finished by Phil and yes was one of the last. It’s a 23 & 1/2″ frame built for Stephen Welch and was the last one built in Oct 1983. Phil went on to build three more on his own in November 1983. Another twenty-six were then built by Phil in 1984 before the shop was closed.

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