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PJ 76

Mike Riley from Riley’s Cycles of Sherborne was lucky enough to be offered the chance to buy another Stan Pike. He told me…

I bought this Stan Pike today from a gent in Highcliffe. I also have suitable parts to return it to a derailleur setup. It is a 20″ in frame and seems in good condition. Unfortunately too small for me but I could not resist it.

I contacted Stan’s son and he said…

This one was built in 1982 for a John Pickering using Reynolds 531 plain gauge tubing. It’s a 20 & 1/2″ frame with 14 & 3/8 wheel clearance.

p1010343 p1010338 p1010337 p1010334 p1010335

Mike has now sold the bike to John Barnfield who intends to restore it to its former glory with a respray by Argos Cycles. Stan’s son was kind enough to supply me with original ‘Pike of Crewkerne’ decals which  I have passed on to John.

Update April 2018. Unfortunately, due to ill health, John is no longer able to ride his bikes, so he has sold  PJ 76 to Philip Clive. Philip joined us on the 2018 Stan Pike Ride. although not on a Stan Pike. John tells me that, “Philip is a proper Pike/bike fan and plans to alter a few thinks maybe to make it more period correct, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.”

Update May 2018. Philip Clive, the new owner of PJ 76, send me new photographs (below) and said, “I have completed the ‘tune up’ of PJ76, to try and bring the components more or less in line with the age of the frame (1982), I hope that you approve. Photos attached from todays’ shakedown ride. I hope to take it to Eroica Brittania and Anjou Vintage Velo in this set up.”



Chris Jackson contacted me and said…

I bought the bike on eBay for my youngest daughter. She wanted the bike when she saw it one eBay, but wouldn’t ride it once it arrived!

It’s a 24″ wheel bike by Phil Pike (Pike of Crewkerne) and is built up with some good kit. Frame is 531DB tubing, 18″ size. Lugs appear to be Bocama Pro with cutouts. Crank is a Stronglight 49D, hubs are Maillard 700 Professional Large Flange. Frame has semi sloping fork crown, lamp boss brazed on right fork blade, and a chain catcher on the right seat stay. Pedals are SR alloy/rubber, stem and bars SR, brake levers MAFAC drilled, Weinmann centre pull brakes, Pletscher alloy rack, Simplex SLJ friction gear lever. The rear mech is a modern Shimano Acera, which will be replaced with a Maeda SunTour Vx-GT. The frame is in need of re-enamelling and I plan to get it painted the same colour by Argos.

I also plan to start putting some of the Springhill Cycle Collection bikes on my blog as time permits. Some of the machines do get an outing on some of our local V-CC rides.

The frame is stamped ‘H. Dighton’ and ‘PJ BH3 7JX’ which I presume is the original owners (Bournemouth) postcode. If anyone has any further information about this bike’s origins and history, we’d love to hear from you. I contacted Stan’s son and he said…

Built for a H. Dighton in 1982. It was a small 18 & 1/4″ frame. Maybe the only one on 24″ wheels.

Unless anyone else knows of any others?

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SP 4136

Robin Darch got in touch through the contact form and said…

I was about thirteen or fourteen when I started getting interested in cycling, starting off on an Eddy Merckx from Halfords. After a while I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Stan Pike (SP 4136). It was purchased from Ken Prescott Cycles of Southbourne in about 1983 or 1984. This really was a great bike and I suppose still is. I time trialled with Poole Wheelers making quite good progress in my first season – clocking 25.34 on the 10 mile.

Alas with one thing and another, mopeds, work etc, I never carried on with the time trials, which I suppose is a regret. I would’ve liked to know how good I could’ve become.

SP 4136 was still used, even taking a journey to Crewkerne to visit the shop. Alas it was shut on the Saturday I cycled from Poole to Crewkerne.


I had started to refurbish the bike to bring it back to life, as it’s been hung in the garage for the last decade or so, preferring mountain biking to road use.

A few years ago, whilst watching the Tour of Britain pass through Crewkerne, I met Steve Pike outside the bike shop. I was admiring one in the window. Steve kindly offered the information (see below) which I’m passing on.


A copy of Stan Pike’s frame building record from January 1981

Thanks for the site which has pushed me into getting some motivation to get it back on the road.

The bike is mainly made up of Shimano 600 with a Dura Ace front mech. It did have the matching rear, but falling off it no longer. Mavic Monthlery Route sprint rims.

Just need to source some period bits ‘n’ bobs to finish.

If anyone has any information on the original owner, Barry Perry (from Bournemouth), please get in touch.

image6 image5 image4 image3 image2

UPDATED 10/11/2016

I received an update this week from Robin…

Have finally got round to getting SP 4136 back on the road. Sourced a period dura ace rear mech from Hilary Stone and just got other bits to finish. Went for a gentle ride Sunday, well to start with. Didn’t know if the tubs would stay on the rims. They did and 13 miles later what a lovely ride it is. So much more compliant than the carbon. Need to get some other bits which I hope to see next summer at Eroica Britannia.

Some pics from the ride.

image1-2 image2-2