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PJ 25353

I was contacted by Robin Evans who said…

I bought my Pike of Crewkerne in January 2015 on Ebay for£214.00. My interest was piqued by the fact that I grew up not far from Crewkerne. I then found the excellent Stan Pike Website and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of this particular family business. I gave James (who is the founder of the website) the frame number and he sent it off to Steve Pike, Stan Pike’s son, to see if he could shed some light on it. The bottom bracket has a name and a date of birth on it. Steve sent the following information back concerning this specific bike:

The frame number is PJ 25353 hence it took a while to find it. It was built in Feb 1983 by Philip Pike for Judy Windwood and supplied through Graham Tomlinson (a dealer in Wellington)
The spec is 22 1/2″ frame size with 22 1/4″ top tube, 14 3/8 wheel clearance. Top tube and seat tube angles are 73 degrees parallel.
The transfer set should be “Pike of Crewkerne”

James then managed to track down the very same Judy Windwood via the Web and her present connection with the Dorset Cyclists’ Network (DCN). I gave her a call and she kindly agreed to share some of her memories of this bike:

The bike was specifically built and assembled for Judy – 5′ 8″ but with small feet!

Judy has subsequently written to me, and sent photos of the bike:

“As far as we remember, we ordered the bikes after our daughter was born, so after May 1983. We might have contacted Stan in February but I remember going to Crewkerne with my daughter in my arms. The frames were finished before Stan’s death in November 1983 and Graham Tomlinson completed the bikes for us to my husband’s specification. We bought a bike each; my husband’s was red and mine the blue one. (see photos attached) Paul’s eventually wore out as he used it for everything when he wasn’t riding the tandem with a child on the back. He still has the forks though”

The bike was regularly used to carry their daughter in a bike seat. This was later superseded by a hand built trailer with a single wheel. This was constructed by Hannington’s of Reading.  Judy enjoyed doing 100K Audax events with a child on board! The bike was also regularly used for touring, commuting and shopping.

Judy's bike when brand new!
Judy’s bike when brand new!
Judy's husband's bike.
Judy’s husband’s bike.

Judy also added the following:

“My parents were instrumental, with Graham Tomlinson and Terry Manuel, in reforming the Wellington Wheelers in the mid 1980s. We rode with the club sometimes when we were staying with them. See also Charlie Rimmer’s Pike. I think it was the connection with the club which lead to us deciding to have the bikes built for us in Stan’s workshop, as both Terry and Graham knew Stan. Also, I struggled to find a suitable bike for me. There were few decent bikes available off the peg which would fit me so we decided on having bikes built for us which would take child seats and also could be used for touring.”

Judy with the newly bought trailer bike and her son, then aged five. 1988.
Judy with the newly bought trailer bike and her son, then aged five. 1988.
Judy with her daughter
Judy with her daughter
Judy's bike as a solo again, after the children had outgrown the trailer bike and tandem conversion.  It was taken at Corfe Castle on the ride to launch the Purbeck Cycleway in 1995.  47 miles.
Judy’s bike as a solo again, after the children had outgrown the trailer bike and tandem conversion. It was taken at Corfe Castle on the ride to launch the Purbeck Cycleway in 1995. 47 miles.

Judy eventually decided to sell the bike in 2014 when it needed a fair bit of TLC and after many years of loyal service. Judy continues to cycle and is still a very keen tandem rider. Her mum who is in her 80’s also continues to enjoy cycling on her electric bike

What is the next chapter for this particular bike bike? I have sorted it out mechanically and it rides beautifully. I have made it look nice without trying to sort out any scratches. I wanted to keep it authentic. I was going to ride L’Eroica on it but I fear it is a tad small for my 5’11 frame. So come the spring I shall reluctantly launch it on it’s next phase of ownership – probably via Ebay. These very well made Pike bikes were built to last!

stan pike 010 stan pike 009 stan pike 008 stan pike 007 stan pike 006 stan pike 005 stan pike 004 stan pike 003

FB 7620

I was contacted by Clive Crossey who said…

I have a Stan Pike frame, with the number FB 7620, which was built for me towards the end of 1974.

I raced on this bike with Velo Club Bristol from 1975 until 1985 when I crashed  on Stinchcombe Hill in the Dursley Road Race. After 1985 I used the bike to keep fit. Since 2001 it was unused and stored in the roof of my garage until late last year when I decided it needed a respray and clean.

This was the second frame I had built by Stan. The other was built in about 1973 and sold to Steve Roberts of Velo Club Bristol.  I don’t know the frame number, but it was probably an FB number again as I dealt with Stan through Pete Kettle at Fred Baker Cycles.

  • Tubing is 531SL
  • 74 degree seat and head angle
  • 21.75 top tube
  • 22.25 seat tube
  • Cinelli Giro d’Italia bars
  • Cinelli 1R stem
  • Cinelli Unicanito saddle with alloy rails
  • Campagnolo Record and Super Record gears, brakes and chainset
  • Regina CX Freewheel
  • Mavic GP4 rims

WP_20150303_15_56_07_Pro WP_20150303_15_57_04_Pro WP_20150306_001 WP_20150306_002 WP_20150306_003 WP_20150306_004 WP_20150306_007

SA 12

I was contacted by Mike Short from Austin, Texas, USA. He has recently purchased a Stan Pike, frame number SA 12, and says…

Here are some photos of the Pike. It is a bit rough and unfortunately someone added seat tube water bottle mounts. These appear to be a threaded sleeve in which the M5 allen screws go. I would consider a re-spray and have the holes filled, however I don’t think the “Pike of Crewkerne” decals are available. I have also noticed that the head tube decal is different from the regular “SP” decal – the border is different. So since I cannot get these decals I might just leave everything alone.


The frame has a Campagnolo headset and a Campagnolo 27.2 seatpost. Bottom bracket is Sugino as are the cranks. It is set up as a triple with a Suntour Cyclone GT rear derailleur and a Suntour front derailleur. Freewheel is Suntour, hubs Normandy with Super Champion clincher rims. Pedals are Lyotard, SR stem with Nitto Olympiade bars and a Weinmann brakeset.


I have since stripped the frame down and found a matching SA12 stamp on the steerer tube. No rifling so it appears to be a 531 fork. I will get a photo of the steerer some time soon.


The frame is beautifully built with extremely clean crisp lugs which were also beautifully thinned, a really lovely frame. I asked the owner about it’s history and he says that he was told that the frame (not sure if this was a complete bike) was imported by Bill Lewis Imports here in central Texas. Bill Lewis sourced good quality frames from Italy (Tommasini, Zullo, Picchio etc) and up to this point I had never heard about him importing frames from the UK.


PikeDecals6 PikeDecals5 PikeDecals4 PikeDecals3 PikeDecals2 PikeDecals1

Stan Pike’s at Eroica Britannia

We’re hoping to gather as many Stan Pike’s together at this year’s Eroica Britannia – The Great British Adventure –  from 19-21 June 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 13.30.55

If you haven’t heard of Eroica Britannia, it’s a three day festival of cycling in the beautiful Peak District. There are three rides to choose from (30, 55 and 100) – all for pre 1987 bikes only.

But it’s not all about the rides, there is fun for all the family. Three days of live music, entertainment, acres of shopping, the World’s biggest Bike Jumble and a Food Festival.

Last year’s event got brilliant reviews, and this year’s event looks set to be even better. So if you’re thinking about taking part (on a Stan Pike), please get in touch through the Contact Form. It would be fantastic to meet up for a chat and a Stan Pike photo opportunity.

Was Chris Davey (below) the only rider on a Stan Pike in 2014?


By the way, tickets are said to be selling like hot cakes. Don’t delay, buy today!

SP 4136

Robin Darch got in touch through the contact form and said…

I was about thirteen or fourteen when I started getting interested in cycling, starting off on an Eddy Merckx from Halfords. After a while I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Stan Pike (SP 4136). It was purchased from Ken Prescott Cycles of Southbourne in about 1983 or 1984. This really was a great bike and I suppose still is. I time trialled with Poole Wheelers making quite good progress in my first season – clocking 25.34 on the 10 mile.

Alas with one thing and another, mopeds, work etc, I never carried on with the time trials, which I suppose is a regret. I would’ve liked to know how good I could’ve become.

SP 4136 was still used, even taking a journey to Crewkerne to visit the shop. Alas it was shut on the Saturday I cycled from Poole to Crewkerne.


I had started to refurbish the bike to bring it back to life, as it’s been hung in the garage for the last decade or so, preferring mountain biking to road use.

A few years ago, whilst watching the Tour of Britain pass through Crewkerne, I met Steve Pike outside the bike shop. I was admiring one in the window. Steve kindly offered the information (see below) which I’m passing on.


A copy of Stan Pike’s frame building record from January 1981

Thanks for the site which has pushed me into getting some motivation to get it back on the road.

The bike is mainly made up of Shimano 600 with a Dura Ace front mech. It did have the matching rear, but falling off it no longer. Mavic Monthlery Route sprint rims.

Just need to source some period bits ‘n’ bobs to finish.

If anyone has any information on the original owner, Barry Perry (from Bournemouth), please get in touch.

image6 image5 image4 image3 image2

UPDATED 10/11/2016

I received an update this week from Robin…

Have finally got round to getting SP 4136 back on the road. Sourced a period dura ace rear mech from Hilary Stone and just got other bits to finish. Went for a gentle ride Sunday, well to start with. Didn’t know if the tubs would stay on the rims. They did and 13 miles later what a lovely ride it is. So much more compliant than the carbon. Need to get some other bits which I hope to see next summer at Eroica Britannia.

Some pics from the ride.

image1-2 image2-2

SP 7864

Here is Barry Dobson’s Stan Pike, renovated by Chris Davey, who is based just south of Bristol.

This cycle, frame number SP 7864, was built in 1978 for Charles Flippance, who in 2012 reluctantly decided that, at age 91, he was unlikely to ride again.

Charles had retained the original spec sheet (shown below) which shows the frame was to be finished in Post Office red.

Stan Pike build sheet

The bike, as it was received from Mr Flippance, is shown below, sporting a Cinelli 1/A stem and 63-40 bars, Tange Headset, Shimano 600 chainset 170mm 42/52, Shimano front mech and levers, Sun Tour VX rear mech, Ofmega hubs, Weinmann concave 27” rims, Weinmann 500 brakes, SP100AL pedals, Milremo seatpost and a Brooks B17 Champion Narrow saddle.


Since this was looking rather tired after 36 years; Argos Cycles of Bristol were commissioned to re-spray in Old Pastel Blue, replicate the original white lug lining and top eyes, and add bottle bosses to the down tube.


In rebuilding Chris is making widespread use of Shimano 600 arabesque hardware (headset, front mech, rear mech, brakes and chainset), some from the original bike and some replacement parts. The seat post needs to be replaced (we found it had been shortened for the previous owner). The saddle appears to be sound, if dry. Chris is building wheels using Shimano 600 hubs on Super Champion 27” rims and Sapim Race spokes.

Updated November 2014. The finished bicycle…

IMG_0130m IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0134 IMG_0136 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 RIMG0032 v1 RIMG0045 v2

Expect to see Chris and Barry riding Stan Pikes at L’Eroica Britannia 2015 in Bakewell!

SP 230652 PG

Paul Goodrich got in touch through the contact form and said…

I knew Stan, his wife Audrey and the children very well having spent many weekends sleeping over at their house at Misterton and helping Stan in his workshop.  I first knew Stan when I was a teenager and Stan was working at Westland Helicopters as a welder.

I believe this photo was taken during the Chippenham Wheelers 25 mile TT in about 1974. This was the first frame that Stan built for me. As I remember it was 531 with fancy curly lugwork which was handcrafted by Stan. It also had round track forks which you don’t often see these days. It was finished in white with a turquoise blue lug lining. Although I wasn’t the fastest rider around I could regularly get into the top 10 of a local TT and occasionally the top 3. On a good day I might even have sneaked a win!

Scan 2

You may be interested to know that I had a hand in designing the original Stan Pike decals. Stan and  I were doodling designs for his decals at work when he latched on to one of my rough designs which eventually became his transfers. The head badges are still the same. Later he reverted to using block capitals for the downtube.

Here’s another photo of me in action aboard a Stan when I was younger stronger and fitter! Taken sometime in the seventies , note the wool shorts lack of helmet and the single 55 tooth chain ring coupled to a 13/18 freewheel. I can’t turn gears of that size now ! The spare tubular is under the saddle. This frame was black with gold lug lining.


Stan built me a couple of frames – one for road and one for time trials. The frame number of the one below is SP 230652 PG. My date of birth is 23/06/52 , so as you can see I’m getting on a bit and now retired from Westlands after 43 years.


This frame was originally silver in its first incarnation and was resprayed blue by Argos Cycles when Arthur Needham was running it.

The frame was silver soldered, the seat cluster wrapover is hollow and the tubing is a mixture of Reynolds 531 Superlight (?) and Columbus.  It’s a mixture of parts – Cinelli 65 bars & 1A stem, Campag Seat Pin with a Turbo saddle, chainset is Shimano 600 53/42,  headset, front changer and brakes are also Shimano 600. Rear gear is a Suntour Superb. Wheels are Campag record 32/32 with Mavic GP4 rims currently shod with Continental Podium tubulars. The freewheel is a Maillard six speed compact on the Campag  5 speed hubs.

P1010283 P1010280

I lent this bike to my neighbour to compete in  triathlons and it has been gathering dust and cobwebs in his shed for the last few years. I am currently in the process of selling it to James Eddiford, who lives near Bridgwater, as I now have more modern bikes.

I knew Terry Manuel from years ago when he lived in Taunton.

I attended Stan’s funeral.

Hoping that the new owner will update me with post-restoration photos. Fingers crossed.


PJ 111

I was recently contacted by Charlie Rimmer. He was looking to find out more about the Stan Pike he’d inherited from his father…

Have attached a couple of photos for you as is, following a clean and some minor refurbishments (saddle, bar tape etc). It doesn’t do it justice though. Frame is looking quite tired in places, and some of the components have seen better days. The Campag rear mech and TA chain set still have plenty of life though.  I’m looking to re-spray (no idea what colour yet), add 700c wheels if I can and maybe a group set (or a mix and match) worthy of the frame. Looking on eBay – some of the Campag kit looks very nice.  My dad, who rode with Wellington Wheelers CC for years, is now 75 years old, and I’d love to see the look on his face if I could restore / bring it into the 21st century.  As you’ll see from the photos, no frame number. Instead his name, postcode (which they lived at 1984-1991), and the initials PJ? So must have been built to order, which dad always liked to do (he had a couple of George Longstaff’s as well).

I contacted Stan’s son, who replied…

This one was built in 1983, the year my father died. The frame number allocated is a post code (Manor Road, Taunton). If it wasn’t for the specific allocation of the post code, which could only have been requested at order, then this one would have been PJ 111 – that’s build number 111 and hand built by my brother Philip.

The frame is built from Reynolds 531 double butted tubing. Frame size is 23″ with the following additional specification:

Top tube length 22 & 3/4″
Fork Rake: 1 & 7/8″
Chain stay length: 17 & 1/4″
Head tube and seat tube angles: 73 degrees
Rear wheel clearance: 14 & 3/8″

Charlie is in the early stages of talks with Argos Cycles regarding a re-spray, and has located a guy local who specialises in restoration of bikes.  Good luck Charlie.

image1image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

Stan Pike on ebay

I had an email on 17th June, 2014 that read:

Hi, I have an original Stan Pike cycle which was given to me locally on a ‘freecycle’ site. The bike is stamped under the pedal crank ‘SP1712’ and is also stamped with the name ‘Raymond Cawthorne’. I wondered if anyone could tell me anything further about the bike please. Thank you.

I contacted Stan’s son, Steve, who supplied the following information:

SP1712 was made in January 1981 for a Raymond Cawthorne who apparently lived in Williton, Somerset.  The frame was made from Reynolds 531, the main tubes were a heavier gauge 531.  The remaining tubes are noted as 531 “Best” 

The recorded spec is as follows:
25 & 1/2″ frame size, 24 & 1/4″ top tube length. 1 & 3/4″ fork rake, 17 & 1/2″ chain stay length. The head tube angle 73 degrees, the seat tube angle 72 degrees. 

It turns out that the present owner was selling the Pike on ebay…

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 16.31.49

It sold on 22nd June for £149.00.

I’ve asked the seller to pass my details onto the new owner in the  hope that we can keep track of the bike. And possibly see the results of a restoration?

Fingers crossed.

And if anyone has any information about the original owner, Raymond Cawthorne of Williton, Somerset, please get in touch.

DSC_0228 DSC_0230 DSC_0223 DSC_0222 DSC_0219

SP 22964

Barry Smith contacted me and said…

I have looked a couple of times for people with interest in these fantastic machines. I have still got my Stan Pike, but it is laying neglected in the shed. Would you like me to dust it down and take some photos? It has all of the original parts (even the wheels and the slightly unsightly mud guards).

IMG_0325 IMG_0326Spot the Stan Pike – hidden away in Barry’s shed!

I think I actually got the bike on my 16th birthday, when we lived in Yeovil, as I was really into cycling and myself and my mates would go riding every weekend. A lot of them lived out in the villages so I used to start off from Yeovil and meet up on the way round. I remember getting the bike and being really nervous of riding it to school as I didn’t want to get it damaged but luckily it was only admired.

We all talked about joining a club or doing some events but we never did. Soon after finishing school we moved to Bristol and the cycling reduced as the distractions of being an 18-year-old.

The only part that was not on the bike when I got it was the saddle. I remember that was a leather one that after a little while just got more uncomfortable.

BB is stamped Barry Howley Smith – SP 22964