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I was contacted at the end of June, by John Chitty. He said…

I have a Stan Pike frame K77069R, sold to me by John Woodburn, a dear friend of mine, who stayed with me before and after his End to End ride. He told me that he had won the BBAR on it. I am interested to know it’s posssible current value for insurance purposes.

I replied…

Thanks for getting in touch regarding the frame. It’d be great to have some photos so we could pop the frame onto the website. Would you be interested in that? I can forward them to Stan’s son to see if he has any further information. I’m afraid that prices are still very low compared to how much people are willing to pay for a modern carbon frame. Regarding the value, it’s almost impossible to put a price on it. Recent ebay sales for Pikes have ranged from around £200 to £600. It really depends on who is looking to buy a bike at a particular time. Sorry, I realise that’s not very helpful.

John didn’t reply.

At the beginning of July I received an email from Stephen Norgate. He said…

I recently attended a cycle jumble at Ripley in Surrey. Two ladies and a gentleman were selling bike parts, photographs and medals from the late John Woodburn’s estate (long story). Turns out the parts were from one of JWs Stan Pike Machines (K77069R). Asking where the frame was, I was told “it was at home” and they had taken the parts off the day before as it was easier than bringing the whole bike. You can imagine how I felt. So next day saw me back in Surrey where I was able to buy the frame. To my relief there were still some components mounted on the frame – seat post, B/B, cranks, headset, bars and stem & brake levers – all Campagnolo Super Record.
From a very happy “Pike Owner”

I contacted Steve, Stan’s son, who said…

The frame carries the initials KR and so was built for Ken Ryall Cycles not directly for John Woodburn.

Although it is painted the same colour, this Ken Ryall frame was not the one used for the End-to-End.  Please see the John Woodburn page for details (scroll to the bottom).

I contacted John Chitty again to ask for further information. John has replied…

I first met John Woodburn and his partner Anne, at the Charlotteville CC Easter 50 in 1980. (I was a member of the Charlotteville CC). A couple of months later he when he found himself “between properties” he asked if I had a spare room that he could stay in and indoor accommodation for his bikes. So he moved into my house in Chilworth, near Guildford, for around 2 1/2-3 years. John worked as a Post Office engineer based in Windsor, and he rode to and from work every day a round trip of approx 50 miles. He did this through the winter of 1980/81 plus weekend rides as part of his preparation for the End-to-End (not on a Stan Pike but a winter hack bike). The Stan Pike lived in my hallway when he was not using it for racing. Shortly after his successful End-to-End ride, he offered to sell the Stan Pike frame to me having had it resprayed by Stan in the meantime.

I duly bought it and it has been in various spare bedrooms ever since.
I had not intended to sell it but at a Cycle jumble in Ripley near Guildford, where I was helping with selling some of Johns”stuff”. I mentioned to Mr Norgate about the frame and its history, he said that he was a collector and was interested, and asked if he could come to my home the next day to see it, and duly bought it from me.

I am sending photos of a dedication by John from his book “50 Years at the Top” mentioning the Stan Pike. Also a postcard sent to me from John whilst he was riding the End-to-End route prior to the big event. I asked many times for him to write a provenance, he always said he would, but unfortunately, he never got around to it. I hope that this might be of use to you to confirm that the frame had indeed belonged to John.

So it looks likely that John got this frame from Ken Ryall (some sort of sponsorship?) and used it for racing. There are a few photos of John on a Ryall frame on the internet. He then had it resprayed by Stan, as a Stan Pike, and later sold it to John Chitty.

SA 17

I was recently contacted by David Clark. He said…

I am the owner of a Stan Pike road bike – frame no. SA 17. I am in my 70s now and find that I am no longer comfortable using it on longer rides. For that reason I am looking to sell it to a discerning individual with an interest in classic road bikes. The bike does have sentimental value as my father was born and bred in Crewkerne. Although I have no personal knowledge of Stan Pike or his family, I suspect one or more of my uncles (now deceased) would have known him as a work colleague at Westlands. The bike is equipped with Reynolds 531 frame tubing and Zeus 2000 forks and is in roadworthy condition, with new marathon plus tyres. I can supply a photo and further details on request.

David sent me some photographs and said…

Perhaps I should say that I am not the original owner – I bought the bike about 16 years ago from a colleague. There is a logo on the bike which suggests that it may have been initially purchased from CT Haines & Son, Stonehenge Cycle Works, 8-10 Water Lane, Salisbury. I had certain components ‘upgraded’ in  2014 prior to a cycling trip to France (new quick release wheels, bar end shifters, caliper brakes). The bike has not been used much since then. Frame size is  21.5” (54 cm). Wheels are 700 cc. The chain set configuration is 48, 36.

I contacted Stan’s son Steve to see if he had any further information. He replied…

I would like to buy it.

I put Steve in touch with David and I believe a deal has been struck. More information to follow…

Stan Pike display at Rapha store

In the middle of June, I received an email from Dan Hopes, store manager of the Rapha Archive Store in Shepton Mallet. He was interested in a putting on a  temporary display of Stan’s work in the shop. Stan worked in Crewkerne, so Dan was keen to showcase a local framebuilder*.

After a few of emails to Pike owners and with the help of Stan’s son, the display now running until mid-September. It’s well worth a visit, and you might be able to pick up a Rapha bargain at the same time.

You can find more details here:

Huge thanks to Dan for the idea of the display, Chris for putting the finishing touches to Tim’s beautiful time trial bike (and to Tim for agreeing to loan his bike), and Steve for loaning his precious memorabilia.

*Dan learned about Stan’s frames while riding with Jack Wood in Seoul. And Jack’s Stan Pike was the first bike ever to be featured on this website. It’s a small world.

Stan Pike’s at Eroica Britannia 2017

We’re hoping to gather as many Stan Pike’s together at next year’s Eroica Britannia – The Great British Adventure –  from 16-18 June 2017.

If you haven’t heard of Eroica Britannia, it’s a three day festival of cycling in the beautiful Peak District. There are three rides to choose from (25, 55 and 100) – all for pre 1987 bikes. Remember though, these are rides NOT races. You’ll be cycling sedately alongside vicars on unicycles, butchers on their bikes and land girls on tandems. There are lots of chances to rest, enjoy the views and eat some delicious food.

But it’s not all about the rides, it’s a family event with great music, glorious vintage, shopping, food, drink and camping. And dogs. Plenty of dogs.

Last year’s event was brilliant and this year’s event, in a new venue, looks set to be even better. So if you’re thinking about taking part on a Stan Pike, please get in touch through the Contact Form. It would be fantastic to meet up for a chat and a Stan Pike photo opportunity.


Stan Pike jerseys

I was contacted a few days ago by Barry Dobson, as both he and Chris Davey are riding in this year’s L’Eroica Britannia and L’Eroica Italia. They’d been discussing the idea of getting some Stan Pike merino knitted vintage-style jerseys produced so that they look the part.

Before proceeding we’d obviously need permission from Stan’s family to use the Stan Pike name and logo. The wheels were set in motion. I contacted Stan’s son. He liked the idea and sent me photos of what we think is the last remaining long-sleeved jersey.


Original Stan Pike long-sleeved jersey
Original Stan Pike long-sleeved jersey

I mocked up a new design based on Jura Cycle Clothing’s short-sleeved jersey and sent it to Stan’s son for approval. He liked a lot and is happy for us to produce a very limited, not-for-profit, run.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a jersey, please click here to view the SHOP page.


Stan Pike’s at Eroica Britannia

We’re hoping to gather as many Stan Pike’s together at this year’s Eroica Britannia – The Great British Adventure –  from 19-21 June 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 13.30.55

If you haven’t heard of Eroica Britannia, it’s a three day festival of cycling in the beautiful Peak District. There are three rides to choose from (30, 55 and 100) – all for pre 1987 bikes only.

But it’s not all about the rides, there is fun for all the family. Three days of live music, entertainment, acres of shopping, the World’s biggest Bike Jumble and a Food Festival.

Last year’s event got brilliant reviews, and this year’s event looks set to be even better. So if you’re thinking about taking part (on a Stan Pike), please get in touch through the Contact Form. It would be fantastic to meet up for a chat and a Stan Pike photo opportunity.

Was Chris Davey (below) the only rider on a Stan Pike in 2014?


By the way, tickets are said to be selling like hot cakes. Don’t delay, buy today!