SP 231255

Tim Whellock contacted me and said…

I am the proud owner of a Stan Pike. Stan made the frame in 1979 for me to ride short-circuit races in France. I still ride it on special days. The photo of Stan presenting a frame to my old mate Dave Smith was a bit of a shock, but brought back some good memories of the Somerset Road Club. Terry Manuel was also a good friend, he was a great photographer and must have many old photos from the 1970s.

Stan would often use your birthday as the frame number – mine is 231255. My name is also stamped in the bottom bracket.

My frame was built alongside a frame for a mate, George Saunders. They were both the same colour, citrus, very period!



PJ 24141

John Barnfield contacted me and said…

I have been looking for a Pike frame for several years and had given up hope of ever finding one, but a few weeks ago a friend told me of one that was being sold not two minutes’ walk from where I live. Although I didn’t need another bike I went to look at it and decided it was far too nice not to buy, so did.

As I didn’t really need it I had planned to sell it, but after taking it out for a spin I decided as it was such a sweet little bike to ride I would keep it as a winter bike, and as pictured is how I will keep it.

Its repainted Gios blue, which I think is one of the more popular Pike colours.

The bottom bracket is stamped PJ 24141 and Brian Duignan.

Stan’s son provided me with further details…

Yes. I have the records on this one also, built in 1983 for a Brian Duignan. Built from Reynolds 531DB, a 20 & 1/2″ frame with 21 & 1/2″ top tube.

A quick search on the internet shows that Brian Duignan was one of the founding members of CC Weymouth. If anyone has any further information about Brian I’d love to hear from you.



Update May 2017. Unfortunately, due to ill health, John is no longer able to ride his bikes, so he has sold  PJ 24141 to John Pennington. John P has already added his favourite Brooks saddle, thinner Continental tyres and says, ‘Just need to ride it now – can’t wait!’

PJ 76

Mike Riley from Riley’s Cycles of Sherborne was lucky enough to be offered the chance to buy another Stan Pike. He told me…

I bought this Stan Pike today from a gent in Highcliffe. I also have suitable parts to return it to a derailleur setup. It is a 20″ in frame and seems in good condition. Unfortunately too small for me but I could not resist it.

I contacted Stan’s son and he said…

This one was built in 1982 for a John Pickering using Reynolds 531 plain gauge tubing. It’s a 20 & 1/2″ frame with 14 & 3/8 wheel clearance.

p1010343 p1010338 p1010337 p1010334 p1010335

Mike has now sold the bike to John Barnfield who intends to restore it to its former glory with a respray by Argos Cycles. Stan’s son was kind enough to supply me with original ‘Pike of Crewkerne’ decals which  I have passed on to John.

Update May 2017. Unfortunately, due to ill health, John is no longer able to ride his bikes, so will be selling them. See here for details.

Stan Pike’s at Eroica Britannia 2017

We’re hoping to gather as many Stan Pike’s together at next year’s Eroica Britannia – The Great British Adventure –  from 16-18 June 2017.

If you haven’t heard of Eroica Britannia, it’s a three day festival of cycling in the beautiful Peak District. There are three rides to choose from (25, 55 and 100) – all for pre 1987 bikes. Remember though, these are rides NOT races. You’ll be cycling sedately alongside vicars on unicycles, butchers on their bikes and land girls on tandems. There are lots of chances to rest, enjoy the views and eat some delicious food.

But it’s not all about the rides, it’s a family event with great music, glorious vintage, shopping, food, drink and camping. And dogs. Plenty of dogs.

Last year’s event was brilliant and this year’s event, in a new venue, looks set to be even better. So if you’re thinking about taking part on a Stan Pike, please get in touch through the Contact Form. It would be fantastic to meet up for a chat and a Stan Pike photo opportunity.





Tim Stevens contacted me with details of his Stan Pike. He said…

As a young time trialist I was an admirer of John Woodburn and Pete Wells who both rode Stan Pike bikes. John won the 1978 BBAR on his light blue Pike, badged Ken Ryall. Pete worked at Don Farrell’s shop for a while in his younger days and owned several SPs ; the picture of him on this website shows him winning the ’78 National 100.

On 6th May 1981, and after much consideration, I ordered my bike from Broadway Bikes at Enfield (the nearest shop to my home which was a Pike agent was ). Made from Reynolds 753 throughout, I had previously had a bike made from Columbus PL,  but it was too fragile and flexed.

It has a 23 inch seat tube, 74 degree parallel with the head tube. I wanted a very close clearance at the rear end as I used Clement No 3 silk tubulars or 18 mm  narrow section Wolbers. Therefore I left it to Stan to keep the chain stay as short as he could get away with. The front end was to be close too, a 1 inch fork rake was specified. The trend at the time was for a close clearance upright frame, because it made the bike feel lively and also kept the weight down as the tubes were that bit shorter. A semi sloping fork crown was deemed to be lighter which is in effect cut out and not a solid piece of metal. A clever little touch I chose to save weight is to have half of a Weinmann 500 brake spindle brazed onto the fork crown and rear bridge, as well as a neater appearance it eliminated nut and washer to secure the brake assembly. Similarly a Campag gear lever boss brazed onto the down tube. I used a 5 speed Mailllard  dural block 13-17, very light, and single 55 tooth Campag piste chain ring. The original intention was to use 170mm Royce piste cranks but I used Campag 177.5mm, extra leverage being the reason and I couldn’t source Royce cranks of that length. There was an overlap of front wheel and shoes but as time trials are straight lines it didn’t really matter. Bottom bracket shell is a Saba precision with a titanium Royce bottom bracket. The bottom bracket is stamped with my name and my post code at the time, LU6 3LR. Lugs are spear point and cut out, again to keep the weight down. I lightened several components by hand filing, by this time the fashion for drillium was on the wane, so I filed the gear lever and brakes and removed the ends of the handlebars and seat pin. The narrow end of the stem expander bolt was also sawn off. Steel chainring bolts replaced with alloy items. Rear gear is a Huret jubilee, the lightest available at the time, but a rapid rear wheel change was tricky.
My diary records the list of components.

  • Modolo brake levers £35.50
  • Omas headset          £20.70
  • Royce b/b                £45.50
  • Cranks                        £46.75
  • Frame.                         £297.00
  • Rear gear.                  £28.28
  • Campag seat pin       £17.10
  • Cinelli saddle             £16.70
  • Cinelli stem                £12.50
  • Cinelli bars                 £8.00
  • Cinelli M71 pedals   £31.95
  • Brakes                       £5.75
  • Cables                        £2.25
  • Bar tape                      £0.59
  • Bar end stops           £1.00
  • Wheels Omas small Flange on Mavic cx18 £64.95
  • Block.                           £49.00
  • Sedis chain                 £4.00
  • Tyres                             £30.00 each.

I rode the bike for the first time in a 25 on 14 <arch 1982 and came third.

After a few seasons of racing, and corrosion caused by sweat, a respray was required, plain white without SP decals. It remains as such to this day, although now in a terrible state, but the frame is sound.

Update August 2017: Tim has had his bike restored to its former glory by Chris Davey. It looks amazing. See below for images.

Redbridge cc 25 on E72 near Colchester with a time of 55.48 – 11 September 1982
Redbridge cc 25 on E72 near Colchester with a time of 55.48 – 11 September 1982
Winning the Norland 25 mile TT on the F10 near Hertford with course record 56.34 – 19 September 1982.
Winning the Norland 25 mile TT on the F10 near Hertford with course record 56.34 – 19 September 1982.
Winning the Vegetarian C&AC 25 mile TT on the F1 6 July 1983
Winning the Vegetarian C&AC 25 mile TT on the F1 – 6 July 1983
Winning the V C Slough 25 mile TT on the F1 with 53.10, 23 July 1983.
Winning the V C Slough 25 mile TT on the F1 with 53.10 – 23 July 1983.
Winning the Alton cc 25 with 55.56 on H25/3 (Newbury) 14 august 1983.
Winning the Alton cc 25 with 55.56 on H25/3 (Newbury) 14 august 1983.



SP 8206

John McCarthy contacted me with information about his bike…

I had a 531SL TT frame built by Stan back in 1982. The build was arranged for by Pip Brown of Stonehenge Cycles in Salisbury.  The frame number is SP8206 with 531 SL also stamped on the BB. There is also ‘EO’ in a triangle also stamped.

I used to race for the Salisbury Road Club back in the 60’s and early 70’s, but used a Mercian Superlight then!

The Stan Pike is a superb machine and I achieved personals on it at 10 and 25 miles.

  • 23 inch 74 degree parallel
  • Single brazed on DT lever
  • Campagnolo vertical rear drop outs
  • Campagnolo Record headset
  • Campagnolo Record 177.5mm crankset with Gipiemme 53T ring
  • Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear gear (marked 1981)
  • Single drilled DT lever
  • Cinelli 66-40 bars and Cinelli 13cm 1A stem
  • Dia-Compe Aero 300G brakes
  • Record SFQR record 28/28’s Mavic GEL280 / GL330 sprints
  • SuntourUltra 6, 13 – 18T freewheel
  • SR seat pin (original saddle fitted was Unica Nitor Mod.55 black)
  • Campag Record Pista pedals with Christophe toe clips and Binda straps

It will always be a true classic!

img_0097 img_0096 img_0095 img_0094 img_0093 img_0090 img_0089 img_0088 img_0087

SP 7835

I recently received an email from Mike Riley from Riley’s Cycles of SherborneHe said…

I have a Stan Pike ladies tourer. It has the owners name, Margaret Lowrey, painted on it. I believe she lived in East Coker and rode the bike extensively around Europe.

1071-stan-pike-1 img_1762 img_1764-1


I emailed Stan’s son, who said…

Regret I don’t have record of this one but I suspect it is one of ours, It will be a very early ladies frame though I suspect from the frame number, built in 1978. There are some other signs such as the seat lug/seat pin fastening method and the brazed fittings, plus the fork crown, all signs that it’s genuine.

If anyone knows of a Margaret Lowrey, from Somerset, (she was possibly a member of 1st Chard Wheelers) please get in touch. It would be great to know more about her and her bike.

Mike also said…

I would love to ride a gent’s Stan Pike as I live not far from Crewkerne and would like to show the folks in our cycle club what a quality English bike looks like. If you know of a Stan Pike gents bike or frame for sale around size 22 or 23 inch I would like to make contact with the seller. PS your website is a great resource and shows real respect for a great artisan.

PJ 75

Giles Butcher contacted me about a Fred Baker frame he owns. Stan built a number of frames for Fred Baker and Giles was hoping his was one of them. Unfortunately it wasn’t. But things aren’t all bad as Giles has recently purchased PJ 75. It turns out that PJ 75’s previous owner had been in touch with me in June* – he intended to sell as the frame was too big for him, but was keen to know if I could supply any further information about it. Here’s what I found out from Stan’s son…

This one is recorded as a 24 and 1/4″ frame with 13 and 3/4″ wheel clearance, built by Phil  in 1982 for Mark Cottrell. It’s built with Reynolds 531 plain gauge tubing (so not 531 double butted), but a lightweight and hand built frame nevertheless.

Anyone know a Mark Cottrell who owned a Stan Pike in the early ’80s?

img_1745 img_1744 img_1743 img_1742 img_1741

*You’d be surprised at the number of people who contact me, ask for information about their Stan Pike, I supply information after contacting Stan’s son, then I never hear back from them. Not even a thank-you. (Grumble over)


Chris Jackson contacted me and said…

I bought the bike on eBay for my youngest daughter. She wanted the bike when she saw it one eBay, but wouldn’t ride it once it arrived!

It’s a 24″ wheel bike by Phil Pike (Pike of Crewkerne) and is built up with some good kit. Frame is 531DB tubing, 18″ size. Lugs appear to be Bocama Pro with cutouts. Crank is a Stronglight 49D, hubs are Maillard 700 Professional Large Flange. Frame has semi sloping fork crown, lamp boss brazed on right fork blade, and a chain catcher on the right seat stay. Pedals are SR alloy/rubber, stem and bars SR, brake levers MAFAC drilled, Weinmann centre pull brakes, Pletscher alloy rack, Simplex SLJ friction gear lever. The rear mech is a modern Shimano Acera, which will be replaced with a Maeda SunTour Vx-GT. The frame is in need of re-enamelling and I plan to get it painted the same colour by Argos.

I also plan to start putting some of the Springhill Cycle Collection bikes on my blog as time permits. Some of the machines do get an outing on some of our local V-CC rides.

The frame is stamped ‘H. Dighton’ and ‘PJ BH3 7JX’ which I presume is the original owners (Bournemouth) postcode. If anyone has any further information about this bike’s origins and history, we’d love to hear from you. I contacted Stan’s son and he said…

Built for a H. Dighton in 1982. It was a small 18 & 1/4″ frame. Maybe the only one on 24″ wheels.

Unless anyone else knows of any others?

dsc_0119 dsc_0126 dsc_0125 dsc_0124 dsc_0123 dsc_0122 dsc_0121 dsc_0120

SP 65973

I was recently contacted by Nigel Dight, who wrote…

I inherited a Stan Pike bike from my uncle, who died a few years ago. The frame was made for my uncle, Victor Dight from Plymouth. Vic was the founder of Somerset Road Club in 1930 when he lived in Taunton. The frame is in its original condition, and has his name, Vic Dight and SP 65973, stamped on the BB.

I contacted Stan’s son, but unfortunately he has no record of the frame being built. However, he did say that it could date from around 1978 given the records that he is missing. 

20160603_183331 20160603_183356 20160603_183430 20160603_183448 20160603_183533 20160603_183625 20160603_183638 20160603_184643 20160603_184704 20160603_184717

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