TA 15258 and TA 7414

I received an email from Nevil Hade who said…

I have just purchased two Tom Avon bikes. The bikes belonged to father and son. One is a 23.5″ time trial machine . The other a smaller 22.5″ road bike. Both hint at being Stan Pike machines but I cannot be sure.

I contacted Stan’s son who replied…

Regret I have no info on these that I can find at this time, not even in he additional book I came across unexpectedly last night.
They are both unusual, the blue one is an older one with its drilled lugs and probably pre dates the shop. The orange one has an unusual seat stay attachment, I’m yet to see another one like it that has survived. Both definitely ours though, too many give always in the lug feathering and other details as well as that noted above.

Nevil was extremely pleased that he owns two Pikes and supplied a little further information…

The blue one (TA 7414) was built for Robert Davis now 94 years old. The serial number could be the year it was built? The orange one (TA 15258)  is a time trial frame built for Phil Davis his son. Interestingly his surname is spelt wrongly on the bottom bracket ‘Davies’. Serial number is his date of birth. It cost £99 to have built. Both cycled for Chippenham Wheelers. The quality of the work is first class and I just wish the previous owners had looked after them. I have already been looking at re-enamelling options!

Update June 2018: Nevil says…

Now the weather is better the bikes have come out for a bit of tinkering! I have had both frames powder coated, an option I chose over enamel for durability and budget and I am happy with the results. They are work in progress but are slowly getting there! I have attached some photos of the orange and white one which is now metallic green. I chose it to reflect the lightness of the bike and think it does it justice. I have stripped components down to a minimum but still need to install brake calipers. Its weight is 18lb which I think is pretty good.


TA 7433

James contacted me and said…

I have just acquired what I am certain to be another Stan Pike frame. Another small frame sadly, but badged as a Tom Avon.

Ishiwata Record Breaker commonly known as Ishiwata 017.
Seat Tube: C-T.  55cm/ 21.5″
Top Tube:  C-C.  53.5cm/21″
Chain Stay: C-C. 39.5cm/15.5″
Wheel Base: C-C. 94cm/37″
Rear spacing: 120mm
Head Tube: 12cm
Weight: 4lbs 13oz
A proper ‘testers’ frame, ultra light and ultra tight and braze on for single lever only.

I sent the photographs to Stan’s son and he replied…

Regret I cannot find a record of this one, but this is definitely a Stan Pike, no doubt. The evidence is throughout in the detail and what a perfect example.

James also owns this lovely Stan Pike frame. Sadly both are too small for him. He would really love a 24″ frame. Do you know of one for sale?

SP R41232

Martin Badham contacted me with details of a Stan Pike he is hoping to sell on behalf of the original owner, Ron Smith. Ron is now in a home and any money raised will go towards the cost his care. Martin said…

It’s a 24″ Stan Pike touring bike Frame no. SP R41232 RE SMITH 4NE. Ron kept his cycles and jazz record collection, his great loves, in good condition.

I contacted Stan’s son, who said…

This one was built in Sept 1983 for Ron Smith. A 24″ frame with 22 &3/4″ top tube. Built from Reynolds 531 DB.

Update July 2017: The bike has a happy new owner.

Build details are as follows:

Front Wheel: 27” 36 spoke Mavic GP40 on Campagnolo small flange hub
Rear Wheel: 27” 36 spoke Mavic MA40 on Campagnolo small flange hub
Front Brakes: Campagnolo mech with Weinmann lever
Rear Brake: Campagnolo mech with Weinmann lever
Handlebars and stem: Saba “World Champion”  bars (36 cm), Cinelli 10cm stem
Head Set: Campagnolo
Mudguards: Esge
Chainset: 170 TA Cyclotourist 44/ 32
Pedals: Campagnolo, Campagnolo clips
Saddle and seatpin: Turbo saddle, TTT seatpin
Front Mech: Campagnolo
Rear Mech: Campagnolo
Block: 6 speed Sachs 13/ 15/ 17/ 19/ 24
Anything else: Jim Blackburn pannier rack; Large Carradice “Overlander” saddle pack.
Tyres (front and rear): Specialized Touring Turbo 27×1¼ (front), Specialized Touring Turbo 27×1 1/8 (rear).

SP D11948P

Martin Wills contacted me and said…

Sadly my friend Dave Pitman recently died. His family have been clearing his house and I have been assisting with disposing of his bike bits. I knew he owned a Stan Pike years ago, but when we found the frameset in the roof we were all surprised. Dave’s brother said if I made a donation to The Air Ambulance I could keep the frame, which is what I have done, with the intention of building it back to it’s former glory. It’s been badly resprayed at some time but the serial numbers are just visible. SP D 11948 P (Dave’s date of birth was 11th September 1948). I would be very interested in what tube set and what year it was made.

Dave often spoke of the frame he had built by Stan, but I really didn’t think he still had it, as he disposed of a lot of his old racing kit when he moved from Chard to West Coker in the 1990’s. Dave was at the top of his form in 1979 having just won the Western Division Championships the year before and coming second in the National Hill Climb at Hay Tor that year.  I wrote a brief history of Dave, that Ian Booth (Chard Wheelers) used in shortened version as an epitaph that he read out a Dave’s funeral. I can send it to you if you like so you can get a picture of the man the frame was made for.

The frame has been resprayed brick red, probably by Argos. I may just get some decals from Lloyds and get it lacquered over as the paint has covered well but has been applied a bit thick in places. I will take advise from Jim King, who is the best bike painter I have ever found. I think I already have some 531db stickers somewhere.
I will send you some photo’s as I make progress.

Stan Pike worked in the next department to me in Westlands back in the early 1970’s. I knew who he was, but never had any close contact with him. Small world but Bob White junior, who’s dad had the bike shop before Stan, worked with me in another part of Westlands in the 1990’s.

I contacted Stan’s son, who said…

This one was built in 1979, using Reynolds 531 double butted main frame tubes with Columbus chain stays. It’s silver brazed and is a 22″ frame.

Update 3rd April 2017. The frame and forks have been resprayed.
Update 2nd May 2017. Martin says ‘I’m not sure if Dave Pitman would of approved of the red saddle, but I thought it looked the part.’
SP D11948P outside 66 Hermitage Street, Crewkerne, where the frame was built 38 years ago.

PJ 23185900

Keith Glover contacted me and said…

Nick Watson passed your details onto me regarding the Stan Pike that I have just got from him.  I am coming up to speed on Stan Pike and its especially interesting as I live in a town practically next door to Crewkerne and often go past where the shop would have been.

The frame has been resprayed by Argos of Bristol. The original paint colour was white. As you can see I have some components, but not all. I have started by cleaning the wheels up and they are not too bad, but its going to take a while to finish it.

I contacted Stan’s son and he said…

This one was built for Philip Hamlin in 1983. Confirm the frame is built from Reynolds 531 plain gauge tubing as noted by the new owner. It’s recorded as a 23″ frame with 22 & 7/8 top tube. 2″ fork rake. 14 & 3/8 wheel clearance. 17 & 1/4″ chain stay length with 73 degree parallel seat and head tubes.

If anyone has any further information on the original owner, Philip Hamlin, please let me know.

Keith says his will send more photographs as the rebuild develops.

SP 7908

Keith contacted me and said…

In the early 1970s, Stan started making forks for cycle speedway bikes, through Gerry Wallis who rode for Hendon Aces. I think Gerry got to know Stan through Don Farrell who had a shop in Burnt Oak Broadway. With the success of the forks, Stan went on to make custom built cycle speedway frames which we all used very successfully in the 70s. When Gerry retired from cycle speedway he sold me his last Stan Pike frame, cranks, wheels etc. As you can see from the pictures the frame has all the classic Stan Pike workmanship.

I contacted Stan’s son, Steve, and he replied…

Built early 1979 for Gerry Wallis. It’s a small one at 19 3/4″ frame. Built from Durifort tubing (this was a heavier section tube). The top tube is recorded as 21 & 13/16″ length with a 1 & 3/4″ slope to the rear.

After a quick search of the internet, I found these photos of the Hendon Aces

Hendon Aces at Uxbridge Pirates. Gerry Wallis leads Richard Lee, Elfryn Forbes, Bonny Edwards at the rear
The Aces. l-r – Pete Courts, Matt James, Gerry Wallis, Alan Harman (front)

SP 12262

Mike Riley from Riley’s Cycles of Sherborne recently purchased a Stan Pike. He said…

Collected another Pike today from Barrie Carter, this one is a keeper for myself. Can you provide any history? It is SP 12262, stamped Alan Hyde ISHIWATA RECORD SILVER BRAZED.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a record of this particular frame. If anyone knows of an Alan Hyde, probably born on 12th Feb 1962, we’d love to hear from you.

Mike sent me updated photos below. He says…

As you can see from the photographs, I swapped out the Shimano parts and Fulcrum wheels and fitted Campag Athena 8 speed groupset and wheels. I may swap the shifters for downtube mount, indexed Synchro shifters if I want to ride in an Eroica event. If anyone has suitable complete Synchro 8 speed shifters please get in touch. The bike is a treat to ride and is much admired on dry club runs with Digby Etape CC.

SP 23433A

I received an email from Colin Witt. He said…

I have just purchased a Stan Pike framed bike. Its frame number is SP 23433A and is made with 531 Reynolds tube. I was told that it is the same build as the John Woodburn frame that he rode his End-to-End record on. It belonged to Roy Fairchild and has his name stamped on the bottom bracket.

I contacted Stan’s son about Colin’s bike. He couldn’t find a record for 23433A, but he told me that two frames were made forJohn Woodburn’s record breaking End-to-End. One broke (and we think was later repaired and returned to John), and the other is owned by the Pike family. Both frames were made from Reynolds 753. He said…

I can confirm two things, yes it’s definitely one of ours, no doubt about that. But it was built for Roy Fairchild, not John Woodburn. Second point, it’s too big for John Woodburn. Both the seat tube and the top tube are longer than on his spec, because it was built for someone else, but built by Stan Pike nevertheless. 

Over the years, there have been a number of frames advertised for sale with descriptions such as, “It is the same build as the John Woodburn frame that he rode on his End-to-End. That is because the Pike name will forever be linked to the Woodburn record. When people advertise a frame with the description “same build” as the record-breaking bike, they own a Stan Pike frame, built by Stan Pike, but not a replica of the Woodburn frame.  No replicas of the John Woodburn frames were ever built. Each frame was built to suit the individual owner.

Colin told me…

I bought it from Alan Sharpen who is on the South District Committee for Cycling Time Trials and, like me,  is a member of Sotonia CC.

He knew Roy and about 3-4 years ago Roy said he had some bikes to get rid of as he was downsizing, so Alan picked up about three frames – the SP and a couple of Farrell frames, Alan said he would try to sell them and any money made would be donated to charity.

The frame had no wheels on it, so Alan had a pair of wheels with Royce hubs on Mavic GP4 sprint rims screw on block to suit the 125mm drop outs. It has mixture of parts on it – Shimano 105 rear mech, down tube shifters and cranks, Shimano Dura Ace brakes, Suntour front mech and Shimano brake levers.

Alan said that Roy liked to have top quality bikes and would buy a new frame on regular basis, so he had a lot of frames/bikes to dispose of when he downsized. 

I searched for a Roy Fairchild and saw that he used to ride with Bognor Regis Cycling Club. I emailed them and received a reply from Mark Haplik:

Roy gave me two frames about 3-4 years ago as his health was failing. Both 531, one was “putty” grey the other mid blue. I passed both of these frames onto clubmates – the grey one has been passed on again and I don’t know of its whereabouts. The blue frame is still in the possession of my clubmate and friend (I’ve received an email from Phil Stannard, the current owner, and am awaiting photos/details) and is built up with modern 105 etc. It has recently survived quite a serious crash and the current owner is still recovering from broken ribs, punctured lung etc, but the “Stan” came through unscathed.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of Roy’s other Pikes, please let me know.

SP 231255

Tim Whellock contacted me and said…

I am the proud owner of a Stan Pike. Stan made the frame in 1979 for me to ride short-circuit races in France. I still ride it on special days. The photo of Stan presenting a frame to my old mate Dave Smith was a bit of a shock, but brought back some good memories of the Somerset Road Club. Terry Manuel was also a good friend, he was a great photographer and must have many old photos from the 1970s.

Stan would often use your birthday as the frame number – mine is 231255. My name is also stamped in the bottom bracket.

My frame was built alongside a frame for a mate, George Saunders. They were both the same colour, citrus, very period!



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